Saint Vallier de Thiey is a French commune located in the department of
Alpes-Maritimes in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region at an altitude of 750 meters. His
inhabitants are called the Vallerois and Valleroises

Saint Vallier de Thiey is located on the Napoleon road his passage on March 2, 1815 to his
return from the island of Elba, as well as the bench on which he sat.


Religious heritage


Church of Our Lady of the Assumption: nave of the thirteenth century of five bays; collateral of three bays of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; 18th-century bell tower, nineteenth-century campanile.

Chapel Sainte-Luce: built in 1562, it houses a well of miraculous reputation against the evils of the eyes8.

Chapelle Saint-Esprit: built in 1635 by white penitents, it is dedicated to Notre-Dame-de-la-Rouguière9.

Tomb of the "Grognard" of 185010 and the monument to the dead11.



Other places and monuments


Camp says Castellaras de la Malle12,13,14.

Bastide d'Arbouin15.

Grand Pré16.

Napoleon road.

The Mauvans17.

Druidic stone: slab with tormented forms in unstable equilibrium on another block.

Grotte de la Baume obscure18: This true underground network was only brought to light in 1958 because of the long and narrow gutters of access to the rooms which discouraged the first speleologists. Over a total length of 1,200 m, the visit extends only on a 500 m course, but goes down to 50 m of depth. After a long corridor, originally filled with clay, the visitor discovers in the nine successive rooms the vast domes, cascading gours and multitudes of filiform stalactites, a true forest of needles dotting the ceilings. In the hall of gours, we admire the particular color of the water, highlighted by a suitable lighting, and the soil consisting of a gigantic flow of stalagmite.

Dry stone huts, formerly used for agricultural purposes. The Napoleonic cadastre of the town designates them under the same name - bastidon -, whether corbelled vault or roof tile channel on rafters.

The bories19.

Ponadieu (natural bridge resulting from the limestone deposit of a disappeared source).

The dolmen of Verdoline20.



Civil patrimony


Du Doublier Radio Center.

ZAC du Pilon (flavors and various companies).

Emergency center.

Training center for young firefighters.

Personalities linked to the commune [edit | change the code]

César Ossola, General Councilor of Saint-Vallier, MP

Jean Ossola, MP, Minister, accidentally dead in Saint-Vallier

Associations and activities [edit | modify the code] About thirty associations and activities are proposed:

Sports associations: football, tennis, V.T.T., hunting, bowling, hiking, caving, horse riding, cricket, paragliding, etc.

Cultural and artistic associations: Rural elders club, environmental protection associations, choir ...

Provençal market on Sunday in the Grand Pré

Nocturnal craft markets in July and August


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